The German Miniature Spitz has several intrabreed types:

Classic - such spitz have a harmonious body, a long coat of moderate density, a pronounced woolen collar, according to the standard of the stop breed (transition from forehead to muzzle) - not sharp, the proportional ratio of the muzzle of the spitz and the cranial part of the head is 4:2. The tail is of medium length.

Fox (fox) - such a spitz has a proportional body build, its coat is poorer than that of a classic spitz, they are distinguished by high paws, the head is longer, the muzzle is also elongated and narrowed to the tip of the nose, narrow paws, long fingers, long tail.

Pomeranian (Pom Spitz) - such Spitz have a more round silhouette, an unusually beautiful coat, which has a distinctive feature - the length of the undercoat and axial hair is almost the same, the eyes are large rounded, a short muzzle, small ears, a compact square body, paws are covered with thick undercoat, the tail is always straight and short.